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The Worst Calamity Of All Time!!!!


If you’re old, like me, you remember the Viet Nam war. I was fortunate not to be old enough to go, but I remember watching the news coverage on TV. I also remember the protests and riots. In the end, the war ended with a whimper. No parades. No enemy signing the details of surrender on one of our battleships. Our soldiers had been defeated, not by the North Vietnamese or the Viet Cong, but by our own government. Our own elected officials and unelected bureaucrats, both GOP and Democrats, had hobbled our troops so badly, they couldn’t win. The truth came out in dribbles over years and decades, but it came as no surprise. Our own government stabbed our military people in the back.

Fast forward a few decades. Terrorist attack on the USA. 9/11/01. We were warned decades earlier, when President Dwight Eisenhower left office. “Beware the military industrial complex…” he said. The US government ramps up a war in the middle east. It became the longest war in US history. Turns out it was built on lies. Just do a web search for “Afghanistan war built on lies”. You’ll see what I mean. Somebody is making money on this war. Eisenhower was right.

Spotting a pattern? If it’s still a little foggy to you, here it is: Our government routinely lies to us. Democrat president? They lie. Republican president? They lie too. And I’m not talking about lying to get a 2nd helping of pudding at the Congressional Cafeteria. I’m talking about the lies that cause the needless death of thousands of this countries best and brightest. And for what? It usually comes down to the idea that we have to show someone, i.e. communists, Al Queda, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, Afghanistan, “a thing or two”. Or worse: someone is making a bunch of money on. War is a dirty, ugly, profitable business.

At the time that our government officials, many of which you and I vote for over and over again, are lying to us, we think what they’re saying is perfectly plausible. Only later do we find out that it was a house of cards built on shifting sand on top of an earthquake fault line. I’ve said all of that to ask this: Do you trust what our government is telling us about the Covid-19 virus? I’m 64 years old, and I have never seen anything like this. Ever. Not even close.

I don’t believe them. Not totally. Sure, there’s a virus out there. But there’s always a virus out there. It’s our government’s version of the monster under the bed. Something is going to get us, and our government is always asking us: “Do you want us to protect you?” If you answer “yes”, the government employees then ask “how much of your freedom and rights are you willing to give up?” Too many of our fellow citizens, because they have been dumbed down by being educated in the government schools and by ignorant parents, willingly say “Whatever it takes.”

Well, not me. I don’t believe in a higher power. I believe in the God named Jehovah. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of John the Baptizer, of Peter and Paul. I believe that Jehovah had a hand in forming this country. Limited federal government. Personal responsibility. Rights endowed to us by Jehovah, not the government. The people are the boss. It’s so ingenious, so brilliant. And as I listen to government officials and their willing lapdogs in the press wring their hands and tell us that 1,178 dead Americans (as of 9:33pm on 3/26/20) IS THE END OF THE WORLD!! 23,709 world wide. They never put things in perspective. In the Haitian earthquake of 2010, there was 316,000 dead Haitians. We (Allies) lost 4,414 people IN ONE DAY (D-DAY). If our parents or grandparents that served in WW2 were to hear us a talk about losing 1,178 people, while they lost 425,000 in the first ninety days of WW2, they might stare out the window for a moment and turn back to us and say “Could be worse.”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate our government officials. I just listen to what they say with a lot of skepticism. It’s skepticism built on experience. I’m listening for clues about how many rights and freedoms will I need to give up to get through the latest version of THE WORST CALAMITY OF ALL TIME!!! At least until the next one comes along.

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